A blog written by Bj Singh (owner of the Newworld and One in all youtube Channel) for helping people in technical issues and tell people about new upcoming world


About us


  Newworld is first started on youtube on 2May 2017 named "One in All"
After creating a channel the increase of youtube subscriber we think to create a blog fir 
my followers...

           About BJ Singh (Owner of the newworld community)

A computer engineer from Sardulgarh,Loves blogging,Picsart lover & Proudly owns newworld1bj.blogspot.com,Like to help everyone. Also owns of youtube channel  One in all which is growing very well. We are five members in team Sandy,Rob,Mandy,Gurte & Me

About newworld1bj.blogspot.com

Newworld is about a new upcoming world here i'm share the new facts which change our life Also i'm here share some tricks ,story,my new fande  that founded by Bj singh

Newworld is a place to look new creations.Here in Newworld you find Awesome fact that you don't know Also read about new update,earning tricks,Picsart editing,Android tricks,Top games
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