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Sunday, 15 October 2017

How to increase JIO net speed Up to 1 Mbps New Trick 2017-18

  Increase Your JIO sims  Net speed Up to 1 Mbps  

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to our blog.So today i'm here with a new trick on how to increase JIO net speed.
So lets get started!
As we all know that due to free services of Jio,its widely used service in India.When Mukesh Ambani
launched Jio,its internet was quite large but

due to high usage its internet speed has reduced considerably.

So today we have brought a new trick to increase the speed and to get the speed we all are used to.
Its not that u will double the speed with this trick but to a notably great extent.

So follow the steps below:-
1-First go to the Settings and choose SIM and Mobile Networks.(See the pic below) 
2-Then select Jio 4G
3-Then select Access Point Names

4-Select New Apn and Create a new Access Point
 5-And Fill in the details as shown below

6-After filling up, save the newly created APN and set it as default.
Thats all!!
Now you will be able to increase its speed instantly.It  is 100% working trick.Hope it will work for you people too.Try it and let us know whether its working or not.
Thanks to you all for reading this and comment below for any query.

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