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Tuesday, 3 October 2017



Platform-PS4,XBOX ONE And PC
Release Date-13 OCT 2017
The Evil Within 2 is an upcoming third person
action adventure survival horror videogame,which will release on 13th oct this year worldwide for all major platforms.It is the sequal to the 2014 videogame-The Evil Within.The game was in development for last two years and like its predecessor its an action packed survival horror game with many mystries.


Platform-PS4,XBOX ONE And PC
Release Date-27 OCT 2017
After a one year break,which was necessary in my opinion,Ubisoft is
back with the next part in the World Best Series-Assassins Creed.
This new game is Assassins creed origins and as the title says it is
about the origin of the brotherhood.Yeah,thats right.It is set in
ancient Egypt before the formation of Assassin Brotherhood or Templar
Order, which is quite exhilirating.With all new combat and other
gameplay mechanics,they introduced a new thing-A real eagle instead of
eagle vision.Thats what i'm exciting for.Good news for the hardcore
fans is that they don't have to wait long.It will release at the end of this month.

3-Call Of Duty World War II

Platform-PS4,XBOX ONE And PC
Release Date-3 Nov 2017
World's Best FPS Series Call of Duty is back with the next game-Call of Duty World War II.
Disappointed by the previous call of duty games,they have decided to take the series back
to its roots-WWII- where all this begun.Well, if this is right step or not,we'll see soon but it will be the one of the biggest releases of this year and worth giving a try for the sake of the old call of duty experience. 

4-Need For Speed PAYBACK

Platform-PS4,XBOX ONE And PC
Release Date-10 NOV 2017
Racing Phenomenon NFS Is back with their 23rd game in the series-Need for Speed Payback.The Game will relaese on November 10 2017 Worldwide on all major platforms.The game is set in open world environment and features 3 playable characters.Unlike the previous nfs game it will also feature a single player story mode.
so get ready for some action driving.'Put on your seatbelt and always wear a helmet'-thats for the rookies,so doesn't need for any of them cuz in game you will be a Outlaw.


Platform-PS4,XBOX ONE And PC
Release Date-EARLY 2018
Konami's Next Metal Gear game is the first without Hideo Kojima,who
departed from the company after Phantom Pain.
This will be a Coop Survival game with lots of zombies.It may or may
not have a story mode,its not confirmed yet.
The Game will release in early 2018,so we've to wait for the updates
to come.


Platform-PS4,XBOX ONE And PC
Release Date-27 FEB 2018
Famous for its rich open world settings,the Far Cry series is back with
the 5th title(Excluding Primal).
Dspite its exotic locales the new game is set in the rural Montana(West)
with 5 main villians.
So expect that old far cry style shooting with new setting.The game will
be released in early 2018 and
is still in development.


Release Date-2018
First revealed at the E3 2016,the God of War was the most anticipated
game of the show.It is the 4th
part in the series and is scheduled to release in early 2018 for
Playstation 4.It is developed by Santa
Monica Studioes and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.The
game serves as a soft reboot to the
series and is set in the Norse Mythology and features return of Kratos
who now has a son-Atrius.


Release Date-TBA
The sequal to the 2013's The last of us is on the way to the release
for PS4.It was first revealed at the Playstation
Event 2016.but the release date is unknown yet.The Playstation Blog
awarded it the most anticipated game of the year.
The main characters of the previous game will return in this game.The
Writer said it will b e centered around Hate.
It is developed by Naughty dog and Published by Sony Interactive
exclusively for Playstation 4.


Platform-PS4,XBOX ONE And PC
Release Date-TBA
Marvel superheroes movies are superhit but their games are not as much
good as movies. I"ll not be wrong if i say that they are one step behind their rivals DC in videogames.
And Marvel knows that so now they've taken the big step.They announced partnership with Sqaure Enix- The Publisher of the so many popular games like Hitman,Tomb Raider and Deus-Ex.And They started with the big one- The Avengers Project.Teaser is out and it looks like a hell of a game.
Not so much is revealed about the game yet. Developers said they will reveal the more info in 2018.I can't wait, what about you?
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